Content, Levels

Level 1 : 25 Units – Unit 1 to 25

  • Level 1 ise available in all 50 languages. (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)

Level 2: 47 Units – Unit 26 to 72

  • Level 2 is available in 30 languages. (Deluxe, Premium)

Level 3: 13 Units – Unit 73 to 84

  • Level 3 is available in 30 languages. (Deluxe, Premium)

Level 4: 10 Units – Unit 85 to 95

  • Level 4 is available in 20 languages. (Premium)

Level 5: 26 Units – Unit 96 to 120

  • Level 5 is available in 30 languages. (Deluxe, Premium)

Level 6: 10 Units – Unit 121 to 134

  • Level 6 is available in 30 languages. (Deluxe, Premium)

Level 7: 7 Units – Unit 135 to 141

  • Level 7 is available in 30 languages. (Deluxe, Premium)

Level 8 – Songs: 10 songs each (approx). Unit 141 to 151

  • Level 8 is available in 20 languages. (Premium)

Level 9 – Country Specific Stories: Selected languages only, see below.

  • Level 9 is available in selected 17 languages. (See below for more).


Level 1 – 25 units

Level 2 – 47 units

Level 3 – 13 units

LL: Videos + Books + Games + Tests

  1. What is your name.
  2. Greetings.
  3. How old are you.
  4. Where are you from.
  5. Where is it.
  6. What do you want.
  7. What are you doing.
  8. My day.
  9. Family members.
  10. Who are you – professions.
  11. Pronouns.
  12. What is that.
  13. What can you do.


Level 4 – 10 units

LL Terry & Rexy: Videos + Books + Games + Tests

  1. Numbers.
  2. Animals.
  3. Colors.
  4. Food.
  5. Verbs and actions.
  6. Body parts.
  7. Clothes.
  8. Vehicles.
  9. Shapes.
  10. General phrases.

Level 5 – 26 units

Fables: Videos + Books + Games + Tests

  1. The lion and the mouse (Aesop)
  2. The ant and the grasshopper.(Aesop)
  3. The tortoise and the hare. (Aesop)
  4. The dog and his reflection. (Aesop)
  5. The Peacock and crane.(Aesop)
  6. The goose with the golden eggs.(Aesop)
  7. The bear and the fox.(Aesop)
  8. The crow and the fox.(Aesop)
  9. The stork and the fox.(Aesop)
  10. The lion and the bear and the fox.(Aesop)
  11. The fox and the grapes.(Aesop)
  12. The fox and the hedgehog.(Aesop)
  13. The boy who cried wolf.(Aesop)
  14. The bear and the two travelers.(Aesop)
  15. The three bears
  16. The hare and the lion
  17. The sheep the lamb the wolf and a rabbit
  18. Beauty and the beast
  19. The impatient farmer
  20. The bear prince
  21. The monkeys and dragonflies
  22. The Nightingale
  23. A scared rabbit and the end of the world. 
  24. The giant turnip story
  25. The story of Saci
  26. The shepherd who understood the language of the animals. 


Level 6 – 14 units

Stories: Videos + Books + Games + Tests

  1. Little red riding hood.
  2. Jack and the bean stalk.
  3. Hansel and Gretel.
  4. Cinderella.
  5. Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves
  6. Snow white.
  7. Pinocchio.
  8. Aladdin.
  9. Peter Pan.
  10. Rapunzel.
  11. Gulliver’s adventures.
  12. Around the world.
  13. Funny questions.
  14. Crazy animals.

Level 7 – 7 units

Stories: (No videos) Books + Games + Tests

  1. The Babylonian Tree
  2. The Princess And The Pea
  3. The King’s New Clothes
  4. The Musicians Of Bremen
  5. The Runaway Pancake
  6. Cattarinetta
  7. The Fastest Toy


Level 8 – Songs – 10 Songs appx.

  • Songs are in premium languages only. Total 215 songs.
  • English and Polish has 20 songs each.
  • Other 18 premium languages have 9 or 10 songs each, all songs are different.

1- English Songs

  1. Bingo.
  2. Camel.
  3. Black sheep.
  4. Daisy.
  5. Five little monkeys.
  6. If you’re happy.
  7. Itsy-bitsy.
  8. London bridge.
  9. Looby loo.
  10. Michael Finnegan.
  11. Mulberry Bush.
  12. Old McDonald.
  13. Pat a cake.
  14. Row row row your boat.
  15. She will be coming round the mountain.
  16. Six little ducks.
  17. Ten in a bed.
  18. The farmer in the dell.
  19. The wheels of the bus.
  20. Twinkle twinkle.

Level 9  – Country / Language Specific books (no videos)

123 books in English / all other has specific amount, see below.

Arabia – 1 A Snake’s Promise
Armenia – 3 Lazy Huri
Armenia Kikos And The Well
Armenia David Of Sassoun
China – 9 The Emperor And The Moon
China The Ants
China The Dog And The Cat
China The Foolish Dragon
China The Gift Of Life
China The Gold In The Road
China The Snake
China The Three Bad Things
China Yang Gui Fe
Croatia – 6 How Kraljevitch Marko Became Strong
Croatia Little Rolling-pea
Croatia The Man Who Found The King Of The Vilas
Croatia How Fisherman Plunk Met His Wife
Croatia Olaf, Bridekins, And The Sun
Croatia Stribor’s Forest
England Jack And The Beanstalk
England The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
England The Magic Pitcher
England The King Of The Cats
France -3 Little Thumb
France The Story Of Joan Of Arc
France The Woman And The Angel
Germany – 15 Bearskin
Germany Bluebeard
Germany Peter Klaus
Germany Rumpelstiltskin
Germany The Blue Light
Germany The Chest Full Of Coins
Germany The Elves
Germany The Farmer And The Devil
Germany The Frog Prince
Germany The Golden Key
Germany The King And The Snake
Germany The Old Dog
Germany The Pied Piper
Germany The Water Spirit
Germany The Wild Hunter
Greece – 8 The Legend Of Echo
Greece King Midas
Greece The Hungry Monk
Greece The Most Beautiful Child
Greece Helen And The Witch
Greece The Tree
Greece Ancient Greeks
Greece The Snake Prince
Hungary – 7 Presents From The Poor Man
Hungary Cinder Jack And The Frog
Hungary Little Berry
Hungary Luck And Happiness
Hungary The Child Of The Rich Man
Hungary The Soldier And His Wife
Hungary The Wishes
India – 6 The Story Of Rama
India The Daydreamer
India The Rabbit And The Lion
India The Crocodile, The Merchant, And The Fox
India The Monkey And The Grain
India Little Lamb
Italy – 4 The King’s Ring
Italy The Man Who Gave Food To His Clothes
Italy Nennillo And Nennella
Italy The Woman And The Fly
Japan – 13 The White Butterfly
Japan The One-yen Coin
Japan Kaguya Hime
Japan Momotaro
Japan The Stonecutter
Japan One Hundred Ghosts
Japan The Carp That Never Gave Up
Japan The Magic Sword
Japan The Rats And Their Daughter
Japan The Samurai’s Brave Daughter
Japan The Snow Woman
Japan The Two Frogs
Japan The Willow Tree
Korea – 13 The Two Brothers 2
Korea Heungbu And Nolbu
Korea The Blind Man’s Daughter
Korea The Goblin’s Club
Korea The Three Years Hill
Korea The Three Questions
Korea Bad Little Frog
Korea The Farmer And The Mother Tiger
Korea The Governor
Korea The Special Medicine
Korea The Tiger And The Candied Fruit
Korea The Tiger, The Man, And The Rabbit
Korea Why The Sea Is Salty
Mexico – 1 La Llorona
Native Americans – 6 Old Salt Woman
Native Americans Butterflies
Native Americans Respect
Native Americans The Bear Woman
Native Americans Why Owl Has Big Eyes
Native Americans Wolf, Coyote And Dog.
Netherlands – 1 The Little Dutch Boy
Poland – 11 The Wise Little Bird
Poland The Sleeping Knights
Poland How Piast Became King
Poland The Crow
Poland The Flute
Poland The Helpful Fairy
Poland The Three Goats
Poland The Trumpeter Of Krakow
Poland The Wolf Goes Fishing
Poland Bad Luck And The Farmer
Poland The Dragon Of Krakow
Portugal -2 The Deer And The Jaguar
Portugal The Gift From The Fairy
Spain – 5 The Oil Thieves
Spain The Invisible Cloth
Spain The Three Dreamers
Spain The Woman And The Honey
Spain The Selfish Princess
Turkey -5 Hodja Nasreddin
Turkey Keloglan The Bald Boy
Turkey Karagoz And Hacivad
Turkey The Stories Of Hodja Nasreddin
Turkey Ataturk

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland


***** 50 minute video (not finalized – in dropbox)

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